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Lubrication Management Solutions Catalog
Lube Management Catalog

Oil & Grease Equipment

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Oil & Grease Equipment Catalog

Varnish Mitigation, Restoration of Lubricants Life


RulerView™ provides critical information on the health of your lubricant. Discover oxidation earlier than with any other technologies.

RulerView Brochure


The Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC™) test is a quick, cost-effective way of assessing your oil’s varnish potential.

MPC Brochure

Fluid Enhancement

Get your oils operating at peak levels for as long as possible. Perhaps even for the life of your plant. Our Boost™ line and DECON™ products by Fluitec are a critical step in this mission. Fluitec has created proprietary technology that can replace depleted additive systems in oil – replenishing bad chemistry with good chemistry

DECON™ both Decontaminates your system and provides Deposit Control to prevent any further deposits.

decon Brochure

Boost VR+™ is a safer and less expensive way of removing varnish and deposits from your lube system.

Boost VR+ Brochure

Boost AO™ is a critical step in our mission to reduce unnecessary oil waste and production by transforming your lubes into Fill4Life™ fluids.

Boost AO Brochure

Boost AW™ is Risk-Free Antioxidant and Antiwear Rebalancing

Boost AW Brochure

Diesel Additives

Biobor JF Diesel
Biobor MD

Diesel Biocide and Lubricity Additive – The Worldwide Standard

All the fuel…All the time®

  • Kills microbial growth in diesel fuel
  • Adds lubricity to ultra-low sulfur fuels
  • Prevents clogged filters
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Kills in both water and fuel

Biobor JF Spec Sheet

Marine and Over-the-Road Diesel Performance Additive

Diesel Performance and Efficiency Enhancer

  • Reduces soot up to 94%
  • Increases cetane by up to 6 pts
  • Stabilizes diesel up to 2 yrs.
  • Prevents corrosion in fuel system
  • Anti-Gel and lower CFPP
  • Inhibits Corrosion & adds lubricity

Biobor MD Spec Sheet

Contamination Control

Fluitec’s Vita ESP™ Systems distributed by CASL provide you with maximum flexibility to control contaminants in your critical lubrication systems. The Vita ESP allows you to remove the most damaging types of contaminants in your fluid.

Fluitec’ s contamination control portfolio covers critical contamination issues, including oil degradation products, varnish, water, acidity, chemical (alcohols), particulates. Significant OEMs, such as Siemens, recommend Fluitec’s technologies.

Vita ESP II Catalog
Vita ESP III Catalog

Desiccant Breathers

Set the standard for contamination control. Get breathers with state-of-the-art features that reduce particulate and moisture contamination, keeping your equipment and fluids lasting longer. The innovative breather line integrates check valve technology in a desiccant breather and offers replacement cartridges to reduce maintenance costs significantly. The clear view 360-degree design makes it easy to inspect the color-changing silica gel’s saturation from a distance. The inert silica gel turns from gold to dark green to visually indicate moisture adsorption and confirm the breather is getting the job done.

  • D-Series

Applications – Oil Storage Tanks • Fluid Reservoirs • Transformers • Pumps • Gearboxes

  • L-Series

Applications – Air Exhaust Lines • Vacuum Lines • Low-Pressure Compressed Air Lines • Marine Vehicles

  • M-Series

Applications – Heavy Duty Off-Road Equipment • Heavy Mobile Equipment • High Temperatures • Corrosive Chemicals

  • R-Series

Applications – Cranes • Railroads • Farm Implements • Construction Vehicles • Off-Road Trucks

  • XR-Series

Applications – Windmills and Wind Power • Mining Equipment • Mobile Equipment

  • X-Series

High Humidity / High Dust Applications – Paper Mills • Wash-Down Areas • Steam-Cleaning Rooms • Mine Quarries t-breathers

  • Z-Series

Limited Space Applications – Gearboxes • Drums • Totes • Small Oil Containers

  • Guardian-Series

Ideal for Most Applications – *Guardian breathers used on diesel fuel applications. An isolation check valve must accompany the only desiccant breather series that Air Sentry recommends for diesel fuel applications* (not recommended for other fuel applications).

Desiccant Breathers & Adapters Catalog

Airborne Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound is your first line of defense for Condition Monitoring. CASL provides SDT ultrasound solutions that help our customers better understand the health of their factories. Predict failures, control energy costs, and improve product quality while contributing to assets’ overall reliability.


  • Ultrasound detectors
  • Multi-frequency Ultrasound
  • Acoustic Imaging Cameras
  • Online condition monitoring
  • Checkers
  • Sensors & Transmitters
  • Requirements set by ATEX


Preserve the health of your assets with the SDT200 ultrasound detector. Hear air leaks, trend and monitor the condition of your bearings, safely inspect electrical panels, and schedule repairs on your terms, long before they shut you down – all with ultrasound technology.

SDT200 Brochure

SDT200 Manual


Control energy costs, predict failures, improve product quality, and increase overall production uptime. With your SDT ultrasound solution, you can predict and prevent failures before they occur. Stop relying on the reactive, fire-fighting maintenance measures of the past and start a proactive approach.

SDT270 Brochure

SDT270 Manual


Detect, trend, and analyze asset health by viewing the ultrasound and vibration time signal and spectrum directly on the SDT340’s color display. Manage the results with UAS4.0, a scalable, multi-technology, multi-platform application that lets you access data from your desktop, server, or in the cloud.

SDT340 Brochure

SDT340 Manual


LUBExpert is an ultrasound solution that helps you Grease Bearings Right. Use the right lubricant at the right location using the right intervals and the right quantities while receiving the right indication of a task well done, including bearing status.

LUBExpert Brochure

LUBExpert Manual

SDT Checker Range

With a focused solution for every problem, the Checker range makes ultrasound available to everyone. Choose the right tool for the right job and perform fast troubleshooting inspections. As the first defense against breakdown, Checkers quickly and early identify defects, allowing for more in-depth analysis and trending with an SDT200, SDT270, or SDT340.

Which Checker is Right for You?



Find leaks. Cut costs. LEAKChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to find compressed air and vacuum leaks in noisy environments.


Grease Bearings Right. LUBEChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to optimize bearing lubrication.


Keep Your Traps Shut. TRAPChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to assess the condition of steam traps and valves.


Everything Leaks. TIGHTChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to verify the tightness of closed volumes.


When Hatch Cover Tightness Matters. The HATCHecker is an ultrasound solution designed to test the integrity of vessels for weather tightness. Use HATCHecker to pinpoint the exact location of leaksin hatch covers.


Check Everything. SDT ULTRAChecker is an ultrasound solution designed to use the full range of both airborne and structure-borne 2nd generation ultrasound sensors.

Automatic Single-Point Lubricators

Roller bearings that are either insufficiently or wrongly lubricated wear out long before reaching their expected product life. Simalube lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant in the pre-adjusted amount. Simalube decrease shutdown times and costs compared to time-consuming manual lubrication.

It takes only a few seconds to attach Simalube to the lubricating point. The gas producing dry cell takes over from there. The dry cell produces hydrogen gas, which builds up behind the lubricator’s piston, pushing the piston and dispensing the lubricant automatically and evenly. The amount of lubricant can be adjusted using an Allen key.

Simalube lubricators can lubricate bearings, chains, open gears, guide rails, spindles, and much more.

Simalube Brochure

Induction Heater & Bearing Tools

Induction heaters and tools Brochure

Filtration Products

Laboratory Products

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