SDT-270 Ultrasound
SDT-270 Ultrasound
SDT-270 UltrasoundSDT-270 UltrasoundSDT-270 UltrasoundSDT-270 Ultrasound
Model: SDT-270

The SDT270 is the first ultrasonic inspection instrument designed for predictive maintenance that has both built-in temperature measurement and laser tachometer.  
It is the first to incorporate a mini SQL database. This feature allows planned surveyed data collection, and unplanned "on-the-fly" database creation.

The SDT270 is the first ultrasonic inspection instrument to record ultrasound wave files with True Amplitude, making it possible to maintain a database of accurate sound files.  It captures up to 250,000 samples of ultrasound signal every second.  

It is the first portable ultrasound instrument for PdM that can be connected to any web enabled PC to allow live interaction from ultrasound experts for the purposes of training, trouble-shooting, updating and sharing ultrasound data.

As an added benefit for PdM specialists working in potentially explosive atmospheres, the SDT270 is available as an ATEX certified instrument, so you now have access to a powerful portable ultrasound instrument.

With the SDT270 you can start with as much, or as little functionality as required and build upon your instrument as dictated by the growth of your ultrasound programme, or the availability of budget.

The SDT270 represents the evolution of ultrasound for PdM professionals.  Sporting many firsts, the SDT270 is consistent with SDT Ultrasound Systems' mission to design progressive and smart instruments with customised solutions defined by applications.

Internal ultrasound sensor
The use of the Internal US Sensor is recommended only when a direct and easy access to the equipment to be controlled is possible. For this configuration, its sensitivity is sufficient.
The use of the precision rubber, when mounted on the ultrasound sensor, reduces the effect of competing ultrasound sources.


Flexible sensor
The sensitivity of the flexible sensor is similar to the sensitivity of the internal ultrasonic sensor. Consequently, its use is also recommended when elements to be controlled are directly accessible. On the other hand, its ergonomics makes easy to check elements difficult to reach or control high densities of pneumatic equipment. The flexible sensor is then the most powerful sensor when facing these kinds of configuration.
Consequently, the flexible sensor should be used in complement of the extended distance sensor to pinpoint the leak spot.


Extended distance horn
The extended distance horn is remarkable for its sensitivity: it is 20 times more sensitive than both the internal ultrasonic sensor and the flexible sensor. 20 more times represent a gain of 26 dBµV. Consequently, the extended distance horn should be used in priority and especially when leaks are going to be quite small (i.e. vacuum leak) or if you might be up to 5 meters away from the leak.
However its use could be delicate for the zones with a difficult access. In the same way, the precise localization of the defective element could be arduous when controlling high density of pneumatic equipment.


Parabolic sensor
When the zones to be controlled are more than 5 meters away, the parabola is the best suited sensor. To the contrary, its use is not recommended for short distance detection.
Its sensitivity is better than the extended distance horn for long range, but especially its laser makes it possible to remotely locate the defective element precisely.


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