Half Century Transformer Maintenance / Risk Assessment and Asset Management

Transformers and other electrical equipment are assets that have ongoing maintenance needs or are at risk for failure.

CASL has partnered with SD Meyers, a pioneer in transformer maintenance and service for nearly a half-century, to provide training in Transformer Maintenance.

We invite you to register now for a four (4) day comprehensive workshop. The first three days will focus on building from a foundational to a more advanced understanding of managing a transformer maintenance programme and plan. The fourth day will focus on how to evaluate risks, the consequences of failure and how to prioritize maintenance needs according to your data, industry standards and best engineering practices.

Most importantly, our facilitators from SD Meyers will explain why transformers fail and how the concepts of maintenance can be used to extend equipment life.

This seminar is beneficial for non-electrical personnel, as well as, electrical engineers responsible for the operation and reliability of transformers in both industrial facilities and utilities.

At the end of this programme you will learn how to:

  • Identify transformer design, construction and materials including the core, windings and insulating system.
  • Identify the purpose of mineral oil dielectric fluids (MODEF) and other electrical insulating fluids.
  • Identify analytical tests for electrical insulating fluids.
  • Compare analytical test results to Industry Standards for new and in - service electrical insulating fluids.
  • Interpret analytical test results for electrical insulating fluids.
  • Identify qualitative and quantitative methods for interpretation of Dissolved Gas Analysis of electrical insulating fluids.
  • Identify conditions that cause accelerated aging and/or premature transformer failure.
  • Identify the purpose of factory and field electrical tests.
  • Identify maintenance procedures that will extend the life of a transformer.
  • Develop an intelligent transformer management programme.
  • Learn how to develop or improve a risk-based asset management programme.
  • Identify categories of assets within an organization.
  • Define risk-based asset management and why it is important in managing the life cycle.
  • Perform an analysis of electrical system equipment with an emphasis on transformers.
  • Identify advantages of various maintenance programmes and the benefit of on-line monitors.



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