Other Services

Hydrostatic Testing

CASL offers on-site hydrostatic testing services up to 15,000 psi for your mission critical equipment. Pressure testing services are specific to system applications. 

Ultrasound Inspections

Partnered with SDT Northamerica, CASL provides ultrasound inspection for lubrication, transformer, hydraulic and many other related applications. Proactive maintenance solutions are readily available to find your problems.

Waste Oil Recovery and Disposal

CASL provides an array of oil recovery and disposal services within the Caribbean market. Oils are consolidated at strategic locations and then disposed of through environmentally friendly ways. 

Reservoir Cleaning

CASL has the capabilities to clean reservoir to ISO standards. These services are provided with the highest safety driven procedures and includes reservoir monitoring, the used of breathing air and enhanced cleaning systems to certify reservoirs fit for use. 

Cooler or Heat Exchange Flushing

CASL provides cooler and heat exchanger flushing services. High running temperatures eliminated either on-line on during plant turnarounds/shutdowns. Partnered with Anion Corporation, CASL offers a full range of services using environmentally fluids that are non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable. CASL’s objective of getting your equipment up and running efficiently with zero impact to the environment is easily achieved.


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