CASL takes a holistic view and scientific approach to Lubrication, which is viewed as the “blood” of machinery. Monitoring and analysis takes place at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Trinidad, where particular focus is given to:

  1. Lubricant condition, 
  2. Machine condition and
  3. The determination of contaminants within the lubricant.

The information obtained from analysis is highly valuable, as it is used to make mission critical decisions.  Applications include engines, hydraulic and control systems, gearboxes and even insulating oil within transformers.

CASL’s services in this area are truly extensive, as they also include lube oil storage solutions, oil spill management solutions, lubrication equipment and accessories, and engineered lubrication systems. 

CASL also offers world-class training through Noria Corporation and certification through the International Council for Machine Lubrication (ICML). These services all play a vital role in supporting the lifetime of equipment, which in turn positively impacts productivity, and results in better financial returns in the long run.

CASL also offers other reliability products and services that include the following Asset and Maintenance Management:

DMSI Asset Maintenance Management Software

  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Purchasing and Stores Management
  • Work Requests and Work Orders
  • Reports and Graphs

Maintenance Products and Services

  • Ultrasound Inspection Equipment
  • Bearing Heaters
  • Bearing Pullers
  • Laser Alignment Equipment


  • Oil Sampling Services
  • Oil Testing Services
  • Lubrication Services
  • Varnish Removal Systems
  • Filtration Services

Airborne Ultrasonic Inspections

Contact us today for further information on our Lubrication Service Solutions.


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