Laboratory Services

CASL’s has a modern state of the art laboratory located in the Point Lisas Industrial Estate of the island of Trinidad.


Used Oil Testing

CASL is the only state of the art used oil testing facility in the Caribbean that test lubricants and transformer oils to ASTM and ISO standards. Analytical testing is used to provide detailed information of additive packages including oxidation inhibitor, as well as, large wear debris particles associated with abnormal wear which cannot be detected with conventional testing. Professionals understand the power of this information, which when used appropriately, can significantly impact on their equipment's uptime and availability thereby increasing productivity, reliability and financial performance.

Water Testing

Our water analysis programme is conducted on potable water, waste water, industrial and recreational water. The condition of water remains critical, as its role has significant impacts on the environment and industrial plant processes. Analytical testing on various water sources can provide essential information on microbial activity, organic and inorganic pollutants, as well as, contamination from soil and oil. The scope in water testing includes several parameters that are in keeping with the EMA Water Pollution Rules 2001 First and Second Schedules.


Results are provided via email, fax, mail, but more commonly, registered uses can log on to CASL’s web reporting through the its website. Reports and historical data can be viewed through trending capabilities, providing the opportunity to capture any abnormalities.

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